Sunday, April 8, 2018

King Bat pins and Beaver Damn Comics

If you're unable to get to Motor City in Detroit or any of the other shows I have coming up and would like to order Beaver Damn Issue one or two and one of the King Bat enamel pins, feel free to get in touch with me via Paypal. All the relevant information is provided in the image above.

Research, space stations

One of the most interesting things about being a comic artist is that you are constantly being asked to draw ( or asking yourself to draw) things you never thought you'd ever have to create. I'm currently spending some time researching space stations - these things are definitely a challenge, I've yet to nail down a final design for the one I'm working on, it will probably be at least a week until I have something that I'm happy with.

Long Term Projects Giant Sized Dracula

I am only happy if I'm working on several projects at once, I realized I had to move away from doing ongoing series or mini series and have begun two larger graphic novels and also will be publishing my other work digest style where I'll compile one 24-30 page story, a short, and commissioned pin ups. One of the longer books was inspired by Tom Scioli's American Barbarian and is about a Giant Dracula attacking a city. The book as it stands so far will be about 120 pages, all splash pages or double page spreads, it's going to be huge and here are some of the pages I've been working on over the weekend

Kingston Comic Con and Sketchcovers

Was in Kingston for the day last Saturday as a guest of Kingston Comic Con, had a chance to do three sketchcovers at the show. Having sketchcovers of both Beaver Damn Issue One and Gladisaurs was a great suggestion by my friend Shane Kirshenblatt, they've been very successful, in fact page sales and sketchcovers paid for the entire run of Gladiasaurs and provided the funds to commission Peter Santa-Marie to do the cover for the Gladiasaurs reprint. Next show I'll be a guest at will be in Markham with Pop Culture Canada.  The sketchcovers pictured at top are all available for $25 each (shipping included) to commission your own just send me an email at

Beaver Damn at the Silver Snail and the Beguiling

Beaver Damn Issues One and Two and Gladiasaurs are available for purchase at the Silver Snail and the Beguiling, while you're looking at the local talent please check out Aaron Lenk's the Last Giant, James Edward Clark's EVIL and Samurai Grandpa with art by Shawn Daley. Thanks to both shops for supporting local comic artists.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Beaver Damn Issue Two

Hey everyone! I've got the books! If you like supernatural horror, body horror, movies like the Thing and television shows like Frontier this is definitely the book for you! Pictured here is the main cover by myself with colours by Cari Dee, the Pop Culture Canada variant cover by Argentinian comic artist Kundo Krunch and an add for you to get in contact with me if you want either the first or second issues. Very happy to have the book in my hands and ready to send out, cheers
A.Shay Hahn

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Published Pin Ups in 2017

Some Pin Up highlights of 2017- Getting published with Eric Powell's Albatross Funnybooks is so cool, 'Namwolf by Fabian Rangel Jr. and Logan Faerber was a great mini series. I hope there's more coming, it was excellent to meet Fabian who I've followed on social media from the day I decided to start making comics, Logan and of course the Eric Powell at Heroes Con this year, what an event, that con is going to stay with me for a long time.
Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahn (and assorted) will be wrapping up soon, this book has always been a favourite so when Kyle put out the call I was ready.
Getting some art in Matt Miner's GWAR comic was ridiculously cool and it was really cool of  Matt Horak to print a piece in his  book Octo Skull. I'll post the drawings in another entry, don't have them handy right now