Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Squirlycorn, the comic

It all began about a week ago some friends and I were talking on fb, a friend said that she had something galloping around in her ceiling, I joked that perhaps she had infestation of Shetland ponies after a few more folks chimed in that maybe the culprit was a unicorn. By the end of the conversation it was deduced that it was probably a squirrel but by then I had already drawn the first image. A squirrel dressed as a unicorn, my friend asked to buy the drawing but I decided to keep it, something about the picture just made sense to me.
I started to think that maybe this cute squirrel needed a comic book created for him, I decided to head to Guerilla Printing and figure out how much it would cost to self publish a comic. It turns out the price wasn't as prohibitive as I thought it would be so on the way home on the TTC I started to write the origin story of a hero that I would call, "Squirlycon".
It's been a couple of days and I can't figure out anything else to call this guy except Squirlycorn, my wife kept asking, "Are you sure you can't come up with a better name?" and try as I might I can't so here for the world to see is my creation, Squirlycorn.
To follow the story of his creation you'll have to head over to the Smudges and Lines blog, see links right side of page.
A.Shay Hahn

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