Friday, June 10, 2016

Been away since November, here's a hint of why

Many many apologies for being absent, I promise a full and complete update soon but I have been working, working, working, here are a few pics. Top Image, upcoming cover for Sons of Yellowstone, Pin up for Aurora Man!,  Amazing Forest #6 has a story in it that I drew (IDW publishing,cover by Ulises Farinas), this is my new banner which features the cover to American Bison that I drew and finally this is the cover to the Kayfabe wrestling anthology, available from Drive Thru comics online.) I have about seven other things to get up here over the next couple of months and then another seven after that when they're published but since I'm down to working about five hours a night it's tough for me to fit blogging into the schedule.  So enjoy this post and as always follow me on Instagram @madcraftshay or on twitter @madcraftshoppe or on FB at "A.Shay Hahn The Homeless G-Men.
cheers! talk soon,
A.Shay Hahn

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