Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Comics and Prints are here!

Very happy to announce that new comics have arrived! Here's what you get when you order the three pack, Three comics, two stickers and a print - you can get this sent to you anywhere in Canada for $20.00. If you don't have the first issues you can get the Three pack again with two stickers and the print for the same price. If you'd like to order all six issues, you get four stickers and a print for $36.00. Just send me an email.
For US orders please check out the mad craft shoppe on storenvy and I'll get those listings up by tomorrow.
This Saturday I'll be at the Comic Warehouse in Brampron from 10-6pm drawing and signing and I'll have comics there for purchase as well. I'll also be sitting on a barstool tomorrow at the Cameron House from 4-7pm and I'll have comics with me there as well.
A.Shay Hahn

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