Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kill All Monsters and Lettering and Formats

I'd originally planned to do the comics in the same format as David Petersen's "Mouseguard" which is published in a 10x10inch format, then I considered just going with a standard comic size and for awhile I was trying to think of a way to make that format more interesting.
After a few days of looking I came across "Kill All Monsters" which is published by Alterna Press, I instantly ordered the book, it's great, giant robots fighting monsters (if you can't see the cover). I want my book to be short on words and big on panels and I love the layout that Michael May and Jason Copland chose for their book.
I was also turned on to an upcoming book called "Mother Russia" by Jeff McComsey but more on that later.
So I spent a good part of the day blocking in the title bar for the book using a drop shadow film noir kind of type, it looks pretty good, I've never been good at lettering and I think I should be able to tidy it up a little more in Manga Studio.
I also have changed the story of the first book, I had originally intended to do an origin story for the H.G's but that just bored my ass to tears to what I'm doing is three short illustrated stories featuring different citizens of Gull City and their interactions will inform the reader of the background of the Homeless G-Men.
I didn't accomplish much on paper but my mind is very happy with what I checked off in my head.
A.Shay Hahn

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